Our mission statement begins with the phrase,

“Through a united voice. . .”
We believe that phrase is the key to tackling issues that face our industry.  By being united in a common voice, our members present a greater force than one or ten individuals could on their own. Yuma Fresh Vegetable Association is a locally organized agricultural group that expands the influence and reach of our members beyond Yuma. Since Yuma Fresh Vegetable Association became a non-profit association in 1947, YFVA has always looked out for the best interests of our industry. Join with us and help make the industry stronger

YFVA Member Application

Shipper Membership is available to any shippers or grower-shipper of vegetables or melons operating in the Yuma area.
Grower Membership is available to any person or company that grows vegetables or melons in the Yuma area.
Associate Membership is available to any person or company that operates a business allied to the Yuma vegetable industry.

Please mail your completed application to:
Yuma Fresh Vegetable Association
PO Box 1647
Yuma, AZ  85366-1647


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